Ever since I was eleven years old I had a passion for windsurfing.
The feeling that arises when planing is indescribable and I think only surfers themselves really know how it feels like .

My second fervour is photographing.
Connecting these two components, for me, is like turning hobby into profession.

Since 2005 I have been working in cooperation with the biggest and most famous windsurfing station "Rene Egli" on Fuerteventura. My idea behind it was, to not only see great pictures from professionals in glossy magazines, but rather capture the action from amateur surfers / kiters. I'm constantly working on improving my photography skills and capture new perspectives.

Most of the action probably occurs, when I take out my little boat (Zodiak). Sitting comfortably with my complet equipment I have the perfect position to catch the moment.

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Have fun and Hang Loose,